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When you go in for your regular dental visits, you have your teeth cleaned and inspected for oral health issues. This visit likely won’t cause you much pain or emotional distress. However, if you have a severe fear of needles or dislike the sensation accompanying a shot, then a dentist visit becomes a terrifying or unpleasant experience.

DentalVibe is a fantastic new technology that keeps you from feeling discomfort when receiving a shot at the dentist’s office. This device utilizes gentle vibrations to disrupt pain signals so you can experience an anxiety-free dental visit.

What is DentalVibe

Approximately 36% of Americans suffer from general anxiety around dentists and dental procedures, while an additional 12% suffer from dentophobia, an extreme form of dental fear. These people avoid addressing important dental issues because of the fear of dentists and their tools.

Specifically, the fear of needles keeps people from undergoing vital procedures such as fillings, crowns, and root canals because they require a shot of anesthesia to the gums.

DentalVibe is a new technology that emerged from a need to help these patients experience less pain and fear when visiting their dentist by desensitizing their gums and spreading the anesthesia more efficiently.

How DentalVibe Works

DentalVibe’s unassuming design keeps you calm and alleviates anxiety. Shaped like a toothbrush, DentalVibe looks nothing like the pointy metal tools that induce fear in many people.

DentalVibe works by using a gentle vibration on the gums to desensitize the area. When both vibrations and injections are given simultaneously, the vibration sensation sends signals to your brain, blocking out the pain signal from the injection. Additionally, the gentle vibration helps to disperse the anesthetic over the area more quickly. These two elements combined mean that not only do you not feel discomfort during the process, but you also might not even realize you’ve had a shot.

The process of using DentalVibe is simple. At your dental appointment, ask your dentist to use DentalVibe. When the time comes for your injection, your dentist will take the small device and place its tip into your mouth. The tip has two soft arms that rest about half an inch apart. These fit on your gums on either side of your tooth. The dentist turns the device on, and it begins to vibrate gently. You receive the injection at this time; however, you won’t feel any pain. Your dentist continues to use DentalVibe to spread the anesthesia, and you stay calm and relaxed. The whole process is quick and painless.

Get the Dental Work You Need With DentalVibe

DentalVibe has many benefits for those who fear shots at the dentist. These benefits include pain-free injections and an anesthetic that works more quickly.

Your children can also benefit from DentalVibe, as it not only makes their visit less scary, it prevents additional fears from forming. Finally, DentalVibe ensures that your regularly scheduled dentist visits can resume, leading to more comprehensive dental care and better oral health.

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