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Sleep is one of the things that almost all living creatures have in common, and yet science still doesn’t fully explain all of the reasons we need those peaceful hours every night to keep us going. While the benefits of sleep are still being revealed, it is abundantly clear that sleeping restfully and adequately every night is a vital component of our overall health and longevity. Restless or interrupted sleep not only negatively impacts us the next day, but prolonged lack of sleep can have health effects years down the road. Unfortunately for many of us, our sleep can be interrupted by the rumbling exhalations known as snoring. It may be your own snoring or your partner’s snoring that keeps you from a deep sleep, but either way, it is an issue that ought to be addressed. Today, we’re looking into the facts behind snoring and why it happens to so many of us. If you’re curious about this rumbling phenomenon, read on to learn a bit more!

Fast Facts on Snoring

Almost everyone will snore at some point in their lives, and many do so routinely. Snoring is incredibly common and can happen at any point in one’s life for various reasons. According to one study, 24 percent of adult women, 40 percent of adult men, and about 11 percent of children snore regularly! There are many reasons someone may snore, and the variety of causes is precisely why this condition is so prevalent. The most common reasons include:

  • Physical Factors: Simply the shape and size of your throat may be cause for your snoring. If you have a large uvula or thick, low soft palate, you are at a predisposition to snoring. Large tonsils can also contribute to snoring, as can being overweight or obese. Storing more fat on your body also means more fat around the neck, and this can contract the passage of air as you sleep, which can cause problems beyond just snoring.
  • Illness: If you have any sickness that causes mucus to build up in your nasal passage or throat, it can inhibit airflow and lead to snoring while you are sick.
  • Drugs and Alcohol: You may have noticed that a person who has had a big night out seems to snore more than one who had a peaceful night at home, and you aren’t wrong! The use of drugs and alcohol can lower the body’s ability to regulate systems and control muscles, meaning the throat will become more relaxed as a person sleeps. Light snoring is a minimal concern after indulging in a few drinks. However, heavy use of drugs and alcohol can be hazardous before a person falls asleep, as their body may not be able to wake them up should their airway becomes completely blocked.

Most people will snore at some point in their lives, and occasional snoring is rarely a problem. However, if you are worried about the severity of your snoring or a loved one’s, we can help! At Trublu Dentistry, we can fit you for a Silent Nite dental device that can shift your jaw forward during your sleep to open up your airway and give you a good night’s rest.

To learn more, give us a call at Trublu Dentistry in Burbank, Chicago, or Hegewisch today!

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