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Gum disease is more common than you’d think! In fact, 47.2% of adults over the age of 30 have some form of it, according to the Center for Disease Control! However, the good news is that gum disease is both easily preventable and easy to treat when caught early enough. To make sure you’re catching gum disease before the issue can progress, be sure to head to the dentist if you’re exhibiting any of the following symptoms.

If your gums are red and swollen…

It is important to have a dentist take a look at your gums if they look inflamed or feel painful. Healthy gums appear pink and firm, but inflamed gums are a sign of infection. This infection, if left untreated, can eventually wreak havoc on your gums and jawbone. Therefore, it is better to have this looked at as soon as possible.

If your gums bleed when you floss…

Many people mistake bleeding gums as a sign of brushing or flossing too hard. However, bleeding gums are not normal! In fact, this is one of the first signs of gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease. It is caused by a buildup of plaque and tartar at the base of the tooth. Luckily, at this stage, a simple visit to the dentist can help alleviate the issue.

If you suffer from chronic bad breath…

While bad breath can be caused by any number of things—such as dry mouth or even a meal you’ve eaten— it can also be a sign of gum disease. Odor-causing bacteria can harm the gums and impact your oral health. Therefore, if this unpleasant odor is difficult to get rid of, it is time to see the dentist.

If you have a persistent metallic taste in your mouth…

This metallic taste in your mouth is actually often the taste of blood. This would be a sign that your gums are bleeding, even if you didn’t notice it while brushing or flossing. If you have this taste persistently, it means that your gums are likely infected.

If your teeth are loose…

Loose teeth are a definite warning sign of periodontal (gum) disease. At this stage, the disease has likely progressed to the point of affecting both your gum tissue and your jawbone. It is important to seek treatment right away, as this can progress to the point of causing serious health issues, including respiratory illness, heart disease, stroke, and more.

If your teeth have an elongated appearance…

If your teeth are beginning to look longer than they used to, this means that your gums are likely receding. This is when the gums slowly pull away from the base of your teeth. This causes aesthetic problems with your smile and is a big warning sign of gum disease.

If your teeth are sensitive to heat or cold…

Dental sensitivity can be caused by several issues, including tooth decay. However, if your teeth are chronically sensitive, it could also be a sign of inflamed or receding gum tissue that leaves the root of your tooth exposed. This can be quite uncomfortable and should be treated as soon as possible.

The best way to avoid gum disease is prevention! By visiting our office every six months, we’ll screen your gums for signs of gum disease and treat any oral health issues on the spot! Call TruBlu Dentistry today to set up your appointment.

Be proud of your smile.