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Root canal

If your dentist has prescribed you a root canal, you may have heard some of the myths about this dental procedure and want to avoid treatment. At TruBlu Dentistry, we want our patients to know the truth about root canal therapy, so we’re debunking some common myths.

Discover how root canal treatment can save your natural tooth and preserve your smile.

Myth #1: Root Canal Treatment Hurts

The myth that root canals are painful is a common misconception. It is the infection that causes the discomfort and not the treatment. Modern technology like rotary files and endodontic microscopes have made a root canal a minimally invasive and pain-free procedure.

At TruBlu Dentistry, we use a local anesthetic to ensure the site is entirely numb and that you are comfortable before any dental procedure. For anxious patients, we offer DentalVibe, an innovative dental tool that eliminates discomfort from injections and disperses the anesthetic faster, so you spend less time in the dental chair.

Myth #2: Extractions Are a Better Option

Our dental team at TruBlue Dentistry makes every effort to save your natural smile. In most cases, root canal therapy saves your natural tooth from extraction. A gap in your smile can lead to tooth decay, jawbone resorption, shifting teeth, and difficulty chewing and speaking.

However, sometimes an extraction may be the only option if the infection is located in an inaccessible root canal branch or the tooth damage is significant. In that case, our team will discuss your missing tooth replacement options, such as a dental implant or dental bridge, with you so that we can restore your smile.

Myth #3: Root Canals Need to Be Redone

Root canals have a success rate of 98% at 1 year, 92% at 5 years, and 86% at 10 years, and typically last a lifetime. If you were also prescribed a dental crown, it may need to be replaced at around 15 years, depending on its location in your mouth and your dental hygiene routine.

Occasionally a root canal treatment may fail, and you will need re-treatment. Common causes of root canal therapy include coronal leakage, infected hidden roots, and a crack in the tooth.

Ensuring you have regular check-ups can help your dentist identify and address any issues with your restored tooth.

Myth #4: You Don’t Need a Root Canal if You Don’t Feel Pain

Symptoms that require a root canal can include extreme toothache, severe tooth sensitivity, a discolored tooth, a chipped or cracked tooth, and gum tenderness and swelling. But sometimes, there are no visible symptoms.

If your dentist spots signs of an infection during your oral health assessment, they may prescribe root canal treatment to prevent the infection from getting worse or spreading.

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If you are experiencing a toothache and suspect you may need root canal therapy, don’t delay the treatment you need to protect your oral health.

Be proud of your smile.