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Travel Gear

So you’ve finally gotten yourself into a strict, healthy oral hygiene regimen. The American Dental Association has spoken, and you listened! Aside from preventing cavities and gum disease, you also understand that good oral health is likely linked to a healthy heart. All of your brushing and flossing has fended off periodontal disease, which has been found to contain the same bacteria leading to strokes. Studies show that there are significantly fewer of these bacteria in the heart in the absence of gum disease. Obviously, between fresh breath, whiter teeth, and less of a chance of ending up in the hospital with heart issues, taking care of your mouth is worth the effort!

Not only did you invest in a highly rated electric toothbrush, but you went the extra mile. You bought a UV cleaner to make sure your brush head stays bacteria-free until it’s time to change it. Your bathroom drawer is filled with dental floss, which you use at least twice a day without fail. Just in case you missed something with the floss, you also invested in a water flosser that gives you the extra satisfaction of pulsing water between your teeth and massaging your gums. Your tongue scraper eliminates bacteria even before you brush, so you know you’re already ahead of the game when you put the toothpaste on the brush. And to finish it off, you rinse with mouthwash every time you brush to make sure any bacteria you could have possibly missed with the floss will be washed away. Whew! You’ve got it covered, and your smile reflects it. Now, the only question is, what happens when you travel?

  • Electric Toothbrush. The good news is that many electric toothbrushes these days are of such high quality, they’ll hold a charge for up to two weeks! That means you can lighten your load and leave the charger at home. If you travel longer than that, use your electric toothbrush the old-fashioned way, which is sure to remind you of why you invested in your electric brush in the first place.
  • UV Sanitizer. As far as the UV sanitizer, some fine battery-operated sanitizers are the perfect travel size. For those who aren’t comfortable simply using the toothbrush cover and storing the toothbrush in your luggage to avoid contamination from bathroom germs, a travel-size sanitizer may be just what you’re looking for.
  • Water Flosser. And since we’re discussing travel size items, there are some wonderful battery-operated water flossers on the market. Certainly, some are bulkier than others, but for those who can’t do without the extra clean feeling you get from water flossing, you’re sure to find one to fit your needs. It may not be quite as satisfying as using your home unit, but it will get the job done. For a little zing, mix a little mouthwash in with the water, and you won’t believe the tingly clean feel you get!
  • Mouthwash. While we’re on the topic of mouthwash, you may be wondering how the heck to travel with anything liquid these days, especially if you don’t plan to check a bag. Fortunately, almost every brand of mouthwash comes in a TSA-approved travel size. Check the airline website to see how much liquid you can bring, and plan accordingly. Depending on the length of your trip, three or four travel bottles may be just what you need to keep your breath fresh and your confidence alive!

As you can see, travel doesn’t have to put a damper on maintaining your general oral health. Once you’ve gotten accustomed to a clean, fresh mouth, you’ll stop at nothing to keep that feeling no matter where you go! Contact us for more information on how to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. We look forward to seeing your smile!

Be proud of your smile.