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Tongue scraping

Tongue scraping is a quick way to remove debris and food particles from the surface of your tongue. This includes all those causing bad breath. Dentists perform it using a small, round, metal, or plastic tool. Scraping doesn’t replace brushing, but it’s an important extra step in your routine.

The benefits of scraping were underemphasized until recently. They are important to consider. If you ask most people, they will tell you they don’t do it. They will say they brush twice a day, floss, or use mouthwash. Scraping is an important step to augment your other measures.

Tongue Scraping can Improve Your Sense of Taste

Studies suggest that scraping your tongue twice a day can help you taste things better. When you clean your tongue, it can differentiate between salty, bitter, and sour better.

Scraping can improve your tongue’s appearance. This should be obvious. In practice, it isn’t because we are used to seeing our tongues look the way they do. Especially if you’ve never scraped! Our tongues get a coated white appearance as excess debris builds up. The scraper will get rid of the coating and stop it from coming back.

Scraping Gets Rid of Bacteria

This 2005 study found that people who used a scraper every day for a week had fewer bacteria as a result. More specifically, there were fewer Lactobacilli bacteria and Mutans streptococci in their mouths. These bacteria are the main culprits behind tooth decay and bad breath.

It Improves General Health

Getting rid of bad bacteria is critical to preventing gum disease and cavities. It helps against other oral conditions. Tongue scraping clears bacteria from the mouth, improving your overall health. We can’t argue that germs and bacteria cause most oral health woes.

Eliminate Foul Breath

Better-smelling breath is the quickest benefit of tongue scraping. Why? Bacteria that cause foul odor stick to the tongue pockets. This is easy for them. It is harder for them to cling to the smooth surfaces of your teeth. We all want our mouths to smell better, right? So, we need to get in there and eliminate the buildup.

Debris from foods and drinks stays on the tongue long after you’re finished eating and drinking. Getting rid of those onion and garlic particles can take you far. You will have a fresh new sensation in your mouth that will amaze you. You will taste the difference. People who scrape now and then have a better sense of taste than people who don’t. Your next meal will subjectively taste better after you add this step to your routine.

Better Appearance

Looks may not be everything, but they do count. Ignoring your tongue in your oral care routine can make it look greenish or yellowish. Scraping every day will resolve this problem. Your tongue will be back to its beautiful rosy state.

Please note that tongue scraping does not replace brushing. It can be beneficial in eliminating bad breath. It can improve your breath at the very least. If there is no difference in your breath after scraping, you should contact a dentist. Bad breath can be normal, but it can signal an underlying problem that your dentist needs to assess.

Tongue scraping actually goes back millennia. The first yogi used spoons to scrape their tongues. Scraping was and remains an important practice in Ayurveda.

Do you have any questions about overall dental health, tongue scraping, or bad breath? Maybe you want to make an appointment? Don’t hesitate to give TruBlu Dentistry a call!

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