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Did your student get braces or Invisalign over the summer? If so, heading back to school may create a whole new set of challenges when it comes to caring for their orthodontic device. To keep your kid’s orthodontic device in good condition, be sure they follow these five simple steps while they’re on the go!

1. Pack an on-the-go dental hygiene kit.

Taking care of braces while you’re on the go can be difficult, especially after meals. That’s why it is always a good idea for your student to always carry around a small kit with the necessities to maintain their dental hygiene and keep their orthodontic device in good condition. This should include a small toothbrush, floss, mouth rinse, and wax. They might also consider bringing a small cup for rinsing, a mirror, and even pain medication if they need it. This small kit will come in handy and save them a lot of discomfort while they’re on the move!

2. Rinse with water.

Whenever they eat or drink, it is always a good idea to rinse their mouth with water afterwards. Not only will this help to dislodge any food particles from their brackets or wires, but it can also help to protect their teeth from decay as well. After they eat, the bacteria in plaque takes 20 minutes to eat away at the sugars in their food and convert it to acids that wear down their dental enamel. Therefore, when they rinse after they eat, they also help to rinse away the harmful acids and the food particles that cause them.

3. Bring the retainer case everywhere.

One of the most common ways for kids to lose their Invisalign aligners is by placing them on a napkin during lunch and accidentally throwing them away! To avoid this common mistake, we recommend following one simple rule: when it isn’t in your mouth, it is in the case. Therefore, if your kid is heading off to school, their retainer case should be with them. This will save you money and a lot of hassle in the long run!

4. Eat foods that won’t damage braces.

To protect their braces from breaking or popping off, there are a few foods that it may be best to avoid during the orthodontic treatment. For example, hard foods like nuts, chips, beef jerky, and candy are best to be avoided. Chewy foods can also be particularly damaging, such as gum and toffee. This way, they can avoid any incidents with broken brackets or wires while they’re at school.

5. Don’t chew on pencils.

While chewing on pencils and pens can be bad for your dental enamel, it can be particularly harmful to orthodontic devices as well. When your student chews on pencils, they run the risk of breaking their brackets or wires. Therefore, it is important to break this habit to spare their teeth!

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