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Are you already thinking about things you might want to change in the new year? Perhaps you want to amp up your workout routine or aim for that promotion. Maybe you want to transform your smile this year! If so, there’s no need to wait until 2019 to get started. Here are a few things you can do right now to start improving your smile for the New Year!

1. Change up your grocery list.

You may be surprised to learn that several healthy foods can leave stains on your teeth. In addition to well-known staining items like coffee and wine, citrus fruits like blackberries, pomegranates, and blueberries can also leave your teeth looking a bit dull. You’ll also want to avoid foods that have high sugar content. While this certainly includes sugary sweets and sodas, it also includes surprising food items like barbecue sauce and ketchup—so be certain to check your labels! You’ll also want to eliminate paprika, balsamic vinegar, curry, marinara, and turmeric from your regular dishes.

2. Make flossing a habit.

Many people tend to skip the flossing element of their dental hygiene routine from time to time. Not only is this bad for your oral health, but it can also harm the aesthetic appearance of your teeth as well. When plaque gets stuck between your teeth and gums, it is difficult to brush away with a toothbrush. If you don’t get to it with floss, it can lead to decay which causes a yellowish stain on your teeth. Therefore, be sure to floss at least once every evening!

3. Quit smoking.

Smoking is not only largely harmful to your oral health, but it also causes a stain on your teeth that is difficult to remove. The tar in cigarettes leaves a dark stain on your teeth, while the nicotine turns yellow when it comes in contact with oxygen. Cigarettes also are known to increase your production of plaque and deplete your immune system—both of which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. These oral health issues can greatly damage your teeth and gums, as well as impact the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

4. Consider a whitening treatment.

At TruBlu Dentistry, we offer an in-office whitening treatment that can transform the appearance of your smile. In fact, while this appointment only takes about 30 minutes, you’ll leave with your teeth looking up to eight shades whiter! Therefore, if you want to start the new year with a beautiful new smile, be sure to call our offices and book your whitening treatment today!

5. Book your next check-up.

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. Therefore, if you want to transform your smile, one of the most important things you can do is schedule a routine cleaning and check-up! We’ll remove the black calcified tartar from your gum line and perform a thorough cleaning, as well as finish off your appointment with a good polish! We’ll also check your teeth for issues like gum disease and tooth decay, which might otherwise be affecting the appearance of your smile.

To schedule your next appointment and get a beautiful, healthy smile, call TruBlu Dentistry in Burbank, Chicago, and Hegewisch today!

Be proud of your smile.