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Do you remember receiving regular fluoride treatments when you visited the dentist as a child? During your early years, these treatments can strengthen your teeth as they develop and ultimately make them more resistant to cavities in your adulthood. However, the benefits of fluoride don’t simply disappear after you reach 18 years old. There are several benefits to having these professional fluoride treatments as an adult! Here are a few reasons you should consider asking for a fluoride treatment the next time you visit the dentist.

1. Fluoride fortifies your dental enamel.

When the pH levels in your mouth are too low, the acids in your mouth can break down your dental enamel. As a result, your enamel loses important minerals that protect your teeth, such as fluoride. Thankfully, with fluoride treatments, your dentist can help to replenish these minerals that have been lost to prevent— or even reverse—tooth decay.

2. Teeth become more susceptible to decay as you age.

As we age, our teeth naturally become thinner and more brittle due to mineral loss or general wear and tear. However, fluoride treatments can help to lessen the effects of the aging process on your teeth. Ultimately, this can make your teeth stronger and less susceptible to decay and cavities.

3. They’re more effective than over-the-counter treatments.

If your teeth are prone to decay, you may have already considered over-the-counter fluoride treatments. However, these topical products and rinses are not always sufficient enough to restore the minerals that your teeth have lost. Your dentist’s treatments contain a much higher level of fluoride and are much more effective in strengthening your teeth.

4. They can reduce teeth sensitivity.

When the dental enamel breaks down, the layer beneath—known as the dentin layer—can be exposed. This layer is comprised of numerous microscopic pathways that lead directly to the nerve pulp within the tooth. With the nerve indirectly exposed, your teeth become more sensitive to outside stimuli. However, when you get fluoride treatments, you can restore the outer protective layer of your teeth and make them less sensitive to heat and cold.

5. Fluoride treatments can keep your teeth from yellowing as you age.

Unfortunately, in addition to being more susceptible to tooth decay as you age, your teeth can also become yellower. This is because when your dental enamel thins over time, the yellow dentin layer beneath can show through. However, routine fluoride treatments can help remineralize your dental enamel and reduce this thinning process— ultimately keeping your teeth looking whiter.

As you can see, fluoride treatments are just as important in your older age as they were when you were young. Therefore, make sure to request a fluoride treatment next time you visit your dentist.

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