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Have you ever gone up on stage to make a speech and suddenly felt extremely thirsty? This is one of the many ways you might experience dry mouth, also known as xerostomia. A decrease in saliva production causes dry mouth, and it can become a problem for your oral health if it occurs too regularly. If you think you may be suffering from dry mouth, you must know the following facts.

1. Dry mouth can be damaging to your oral health.

Saliva is important for several reasons. In addition to keeping your mouth moist, your saliva helps you digest food and wash away debris and bacteria. It can also neutralize the acid in your mouth that would lead to dental decay. Without proper saliva production, you’re at risk for tooth decay, gingivitis, infection, and more. Therefore, it is important to find the root cause of your dry mouth to find a treatment. Luckily, your dentist at TruBlu Dentistry will be able to help you find the best treatment to give you a sense of relief.

2. Anyone can experience dry mouth.

Many people experience dry mouth, and there are several reasons why you may be having the issue. In fact, about 10% of the population suffers from it, and it can be caused by anything from stress to certain medications. Regardless of the root cause of your dry mouth, however, you must address these symptoms before they cause oral health issues.

3. The symptoms of dry mouth are easy to spot.

If you have trouble chewing or swallowing, you may have dry mouth. You might also experience difficulty speaking clearly or tasting your food. Finally, if your tongue is often cracked, sticky, or pasty, you should discuss your symptoms with your dentist.

4. There are several treatment options for dry mouth.

Depending on the cause of your dry mouth, your dentist will be able to help you treat the issue! First, you should discuss your symptoms with your doctor if you know dry mouth is a side effect of your medication. You can also decrease your intake of acidic or sugary beverages and foods, as this will help you spare your teeth from dental decay. It is also recommended that you avoid consuming alcohol, coffee, sodium, and tobacco products, as these are known for causing dehydration and worsening the effects of dry mouth. Finally, you might consider chewing sugarless gum and drinking more water to stimulate saliva production.

5. If you suffer from dry mouth, you should make sure to keep on top of your dental hygiene routine.

A proper dental hygiene routine is critical for slowing down the effects of tooth decay and infection. Be sure to brush after every meal and before bed using fluoride toothpaste if you suffer from dry mouth. You should also try to be diligent about flossing once per day to eliminate food debris and bacteria from between the teeth and gums.

If you think you might have dry mouth, be sure to visit your dentist right away. Call TruBlu Dentistry today to schedule your appointment and get relief from your dry mouth.

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