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You do your best to save money where you can, but probably know that your health isn’t the place you want to gamble with saving a few pennies. You’ve undoubtedly found yourself in the oral health aisle at the store, staring at a wall of different toothpaste brands, wondering if the extra dollar for a name brand promising tartar control, whitening, and all sorts of other things is really worth it. After all, those extra dollars add up quickly over the months and years, and it’s easy to understand why someone may be pulled to an off-brand toothpaste! But does the extra expense mean better quality? We’re delving into the issue of toothpaste brands to help you make more informed decisions for your oral health!

The ADA Knows Best

The first thing you should do when shopping for toothpaste is look for the American Dental Association (ADA)’s Seal of Approval. This indicates that the toothpaste has undergone rigorous scientific testing by qualified dentists and scientists and, therefore, will be safe for your teeth. Generic brands are far less likely to carry the ADA seal, but some may. If you’re struggling to find the ADA seal on the packaging, a quick internet search should tell you whether the brand in your hand is a reliable one.

Take a Look at Ingredients

Compare the active ingredients in different brands to ensure you’re getting the minerals your teeth need. One of the most important ingredients to search for is fluoride. This mineral has been proven to help strengthen enamel, reduce cavities, and clear plaque from the surface of your teeth. The ADA won’t approve toothpaste unless it contains this vital ingredient. According to the ADA, the ingredients stannous fluoride and triclosan help reduce gum inflammation and are important to look for. Potassium salts, amorphous calcium phosphate, casein phosphopeptide, and calcium sodium phosphosilicate help diminish sensitivity and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Just Ask

Your dentist is a great source for all of your dental health needs, and they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have about toothpaste brands. They may not have a preferred brand but may offer recommendations for any particular ailments you need to be addressed. In fact, four out of five dentists say the brand doesn’t matter so long as the correct ingredients are present. It isn’t always necessary to pay for a flashy name when the ingredients are the same.

At the end of the day, toothpaste preferences often come down to just that—preference. As long as you’re getting the most vital ingredients and doing a thorough brushing, your teeth are likely to stay in good shape. Your overall oral health comes down to many components, and toothpaste is just one cog in the machine that includes flossing, routine checkups, and brushing at least twice a day.

If you have questions about your hygiene routine, a toothpaste brand, or would like to schedule your next dental appointment, give us a call at Trublu Dentistry in Hegewisch, Burbank, and Chicago today.

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