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Root canal

You wake up one morning, ready to start another day of working from home. You head to the kitchen, brew up a pot of coffee, take that first sip, and – ow! You’re met with incredible pain coming from one of your teeth!

Normally, this is an easy fix: call the dentist and have them take a look. But these days, things are a little different. Most dental offices are only open for emergencies in the wake of COVID-19.

If you think you have a dental problem that needs immediate care (like a root canal, for example) TruBlu Dentistry will be happy to help you. How can you be sure that what you’re feeling is an emergency? Here are a few telltale signs:

Chronic Pain

Pain is one of the clearest signs that you need dental care. After all, pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong! If you are experiencing a constant toothache – especially deep in the bone of your tooth, below the gums – you should consider calling your dentist right away.

Does chronic pain ALWAYS mean you’ll need a root canal? No! Tooth pain can point to many issues, from a cavity or infected tooth to a jaw injury or sinus infection. However, if the pain is constant or interferes with your daily tasks, you should get treated as soon as possible.

Temperature Sensitivity

Another sign that you might need a root canal is unusual tooth sensitivity. If you experience sharp pain or aching sensation when eating hot or cold foods (and if that experience isn’t normal for you), it could be a sign that the nerves in your tooth are inflamed or irritated.

Once again, this symptom doesn’t always mean you need a root canal. Many factors cause tooth sensitivity, including gum disease, teeth grinding, and even merely aging! However, if you find that your tooth is suddenly very sensitive, it could indicate a larger problem that needs attention right away.

Swollen Gums

Once you notice some pain in your teeth, the first step is to look at your mouth and see what’s going on. Grab a flashlight, head to the bathroom mirror, and focus on the source of the pain. Do your gums appear swollen or red? If they do, this is another sign that you might need a root canal.

When the pulp around a tooth nerve becomes infected, it will swell up with acidic waste – leading your gums to look swollen and tender. You may even notice a boil or abscess on your gum, which looks like a little pimple. These are clear signs that you need to call the dentist!

A Discolored, Loose Tooth

Finally, take a look at the tooth itself. Feel around it (if it doesn’t hurt too much) and see if it feels looser than usual. Please take a look at its color; oftentimes, decayed teeth appear gray rather than white. These are clear signs that your tooth needs immediate attention.

If You Need A Root Canal

So, you’ve examined your tooth and realized that you might need a root canal… now what? The answer is simple: call TruBlu Dentistry! Our team of professionals is still available to help you during this quarantine time, as we are remaining open for emergency cases.

A decayed tooth can be incredibly painful and damaging to your oral health, so don’t let that tooth go too long without care! Call any of our offices to make an appointment right away. We’ll be happy to help!

Be proud of your smile.