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How Does Fluoride Help Your Teeth?

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in your bones and your teeth. You can also find fluoride in soil, rocks, plants, and even the air that you breathe. Toothpaste and mouthwashes use fluoride, and so does your local drinking water supply. Fluoride was first introduced to drinking water in 1945 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fifteen … Continued

Bruxism: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

2020 marked one of the highest levels of prolonged anxiety, frustration, and stress for many. As stress levels increase, dentists often see more cases of bruxism. But what is bruxism, and how do you know if you have it? Below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about bruxism, including what to look for … Continued

5 Surprising Facts About Your Toothbrush

Toothbrushes help us keep our mouths free from plaque and bacteria, and ensure that our breath is fresh throughout the day. We all use them – but how much do we really know about our toothbrushes? Are you buying the right kind of toothbrush? How are you storing your toothbrush once you’re done? Does it … Continued

How to Encourage Your Teen to Brush Their Teeth

Does it feel like a daily struggle to get your teenager to brush their teeth? If so, you’re not alone: only 64 percent of kids aged 12–17 brush their teeth twice a day. The teenage years are a crucial time for oral hygiene and development. If good oral hygiene habits aren’t established early on, your … Continued

Professional Whitening Treatments: Your Questions Answered

Teeth can become discolored for plenty of reasons. Your teeth could become stained from years of drinking soda, red wine, or coffee. Lifestyle choices such as smoking or chewing tobacco can also cause teeth to become discolored over time. Even eating foods that are high in starch (like pasta or potatoes) can make it easier … Continued

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