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4 Facts to Help You Wise Up on Wisdom Teeth

If your child is nearing their late teens, perhaps you’ve started thinking about wisdom teeth. Aptly named because they are the last teeth to emerge in most people’s mouths, wisdom teeth often start to come in about a decade after your last baby tooth is lost. Almost every dentist and orthodontist will recommend having wisdom … Continued

The Facts on Fillings

If you have teeth, chances are you’ve had a cavity. While we all do our best to avoid them, sometimes the acids in our mouth are stronger than our best attempts to brush and a cavity inevitably forms. And if you’ve had a cavity, you’ve almost certainly seen a dentist to have that cavity filled. … Continued

All You Need to Know About All-On-4

There are a million reasons someone may be missing a few or many teeth, ranging from a childhood accident to a medical condition later in life to any number of things in between. The common thread between everyone who’s lost a permanent tooth before, however, is the desire to have said tooth or teeth replaced … Continued

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